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Q. Where is Scott's Waterworld located?

A. As of Spring 2016, we no longer have a retail store. But do not worry - we can deliver all your pool and spa supply needs directly to you.

Q. My water is cloudy. What could be the problem?

A. The first step is to make sure your filtration system is working up to peak performance. If you have a sand filter, how long has it been since the sand was changed? It's necessary to do this about every 4 to 5 years. If you have a DE filter, do you notice the DE coming back into the pool? If so, this indicates a problem.

Q. My filter seems to be working fine, but my water is still cloudy. What's the problem?

A. Check your water balance completely - not just the chlorine and pH. Try shocking first, then give us a call for a free water test at your pool-side.

Q. I have this light brown stuff that looks like sand or dirt in the pool. I vacuum and it comes back the next day. What is it?

A. You most likely have a form of mustard algae. This is a very stubborn and serious form of algae that can quickly take over your pool. Call us for a special treatment to cure it. Or better yet have us stop by for a water test.

Q. I think my pool is leaking. How much water loss is normal?

A. During the normal summer months, you can expect 1/8 to 1/4" per day of water loss due to evaporation and splash out. When the weather is cooler, especially at night, and the water is still warm, you should expect even more.

If you are losing more than 1/4" per day of water, you may have a leak. We will be glad to find it for you.

Please do some troubleshooting before we come out to help diagnose:

1st: Determine roughly how much you lose in a 24 hour period. Use a piece of tape on a skimmer.

2nd: Does your pool lose more or less water with the pump on? Turn the pump off for a day to see what happens.


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